Bumble Is Predicting a Surge in “Cross-Generational” Dating in 2024

When the economy was bad, young adults were moving back home with their parents.  Now that the economy has rebounded, Gen Z is moving in with Gen X, for romance?

Bumble has released some predictions on dating trends in 2024, and the most interesting one is:  A rise in cross-generational relationships.

63% of Bumble users say age is not important to them when dating, and it’s NOT just the classic older-man-dating-younger-women stereotype.

59% of single women say they are now more open to dating someone younger than them, and 35% of women say they’ve become “less judgmental towards age-gap relationships over the last year.”

Some of the other predicted trends include:  “Dating based on values,” which includes politics and social causes, appreciating partners for who they are, as opposed to looking for people who are bettering themselves, a focus on dating someone who’s in tune with their mental health, like going to therapy, and prioritizing people who value self-care.


(Mashable / Indy100)