Have You Tried Squirting Some Ketchup on a Kit-Kat?

Ketchup is a key condiment for hot dogs, burgers, and as a dipping sauce, but there are ketchup freaks out there who put it on EVERYTHING, including tacos, eggs, rice, pasta, and even popcorn.

If you’re a ketchup fanatic, have you tried this?  There are videos on TikTok of people slathering ketchup on Kit-Kats, yeah, the candy bar.

In one clip, a guy called it “damn tasty,” and said, “Does the government know about this?  This should be illegal, why does [this] work?”


Reply to @charles_tngtd so damn tasty. #weirdfoodcombo #yum

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In another clip, someone compared it to a chocolate-covered strawberry, but saltier, and tangier.  They said it’s worth trying, but they wouldn’t eat it again.  And one person took one bite and said, “No, I don’t like it.”  (You can find more videos, here.)

Despite the divisive response, the official social media accounts of Heinz and Kit-Kat are teasing a collab.  They posted an image of a “KitKat-Chup” flavored candy bar, which is probably a joke.  But these days, who knows.