Stupid Criminal: A Dine-and-Dasher Left Her Social Security Card Behind

On the list of things you don’t want to leave at the scene of a crime, this is up there.  A man and woman in Boston had dinner at a place in Chinatown last weekend and tried to dine and dash.

The woman was 24-year-old Zaire Alexander.  After they ate, she went to the bathroom, and the guy walked out.  Then she started to walk out too.  And when employees tried to stop her, she pulled a GUN – a pink Glock.

She pointed it at an older employee, who wrestled the gun away, and Zaire took off.  But police were quickly able to I.D. her, because she left her SOCIAL SECURITY CARD behind.  (???)  It sounds like she dropped it during the scuffle.

She turned herself in the next day.  She’s facing charges for carrying a loaded firearm, carrying a firearm without a license, unlawful possession of ammunition, assault and battery on an elderly person, and defrauding an innkeeper.

It’s not clear if the guy she was with is facing charges too.

(Here’s a photo of the gun.)


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