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A Dozen People Formed a Human Chain to Save a Guy From a Burning Truck

The driver of an 18-wheeler lost control on a highway last Friday because of the snow, and got into a nasty crash near Bedford, Pennsylvania.  (About 100 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.)  His truck went sideways, crashed through a guardrail, and ended up teetering on the side of the road.  And the other side of the guardrail was a steep hill with big rocks.

The Five Most Popular Comfort Foods

When’s the best time to have pizza?  According to a new survey, it’s WHENEVER.  Just shove it in your face, and shut up.  The survey found it’s our favorite “comfort food”, one of the top five foods we want when we’re SICK, and one of the top five foods we want at a party.  Here are the top five comfort foods.

Paramedics in North Carolina Drove Through the Blizzard to Deliver a Baby

A woman named Amanda Anderson went to a hospital near Charlotte, North Carolina last Thursday night, to give birth.    But they sent her home, because she wasn’t ready yet.  Which was a problem, because she knew Winter Storm Jonas was supposed to hit overnight.  And sure enough, she went into labor at home right in the middle of it.