Contest Rules Million Dollar Cash


Reno Media Group Fall 2022 “Megabucks Millions” Contest Rules

This is a LOCALLY shared contest among specific Reno Media Group Stations.  The Reno Media Group “Megabucks Millions” contest may be referred to by a name specific to each station, such as:

KRNO: “106.9 Million Dollar Payday”

KODS: “103.7 The River Million Dollar Cash Grab”

KOLC: “Ten Country @97-3 Million Dollar Cash Grab”

KLCA: “Mega Million Dollar Madness”

KZTQ: “The Bob-FM Million Dollar Cash Grab”

KBZZ: “The Hog Million Dollar Cash Grab”

  1. Contest open to individuals at least 21 years of age residing in the Nevada Counties of Washoe, Carson City, Douglas, Lyon, Storey, Pershing and Churchill , and communities along the shore of Lake Tahoe (the “Contest Area”). Winners are responsible for any and all taxes that may be incurred as a result of winning.


  1. No purchase is necessary to win.


  1. Winners must present valid I.D. showing an address in the Contest Area and Social Security number to claim their prizes.


  1. KRNO (Sunny106.9) , KODS (103.7 The River), KOLC (TEN Country) , KLCA (Alice) KZTQ (Bob-FM) and KBZZ (The Hog) will air a “cue to play” for listeners at various times between 7:00am and 5:00pm-WEEKDAYS during the contest period. At those times, listeners are instructed to enter specific hourly KEYWORD at specific station’s website** for the chance to become a winner.  There are 4 specific occasions (CONTEST ROUNDS) to play each weekday; specific times will vary with station and publicized on-air and station website.  In all cases, the entry period for each hourly contest round shall be defined as: “From the moment keyword is announced through 11:59pm that day”.


  1. Four (4) specific keywords will be announced daily (Monday through Friday) during the contest period.  There will be two (2) weekly “winners” (12 total) chosen at random from among all successful entries per week for “PRIZE: ONE-HUNDRED FREE PULLS ON A MEGABUCKS SLOT MACHINE–MAX COIN BET” (value $300.00). Potential “Winners” will be contacted by a Reno Media Group representative by phone at the number provided at time of entry on the following Tuesday between the hours of 11am and 1pm and be invited to the special “Megabucks Millions” party at Tamarack Casino on December 10, 2022, where they will have the chance to play their free pulls on the Megabucks slot machine. The potential winner’s phone must be answered by a live person, and the person who submitted the entry online must be immediately available to be interviewed and agree to (a): have the conversation recorded, and (b): agree to the terms of paragraph 9 below.  No messages will be left for potential winner, however Reno Media Group will make up to three (3) attempts to contact entrant.  Entrants should be aware that they might receive a call from Reno Media Group and the number (775) 823-1903 between the hours of 11am and 1pm on the following Tuesday.  Failure to reach first potential winner by the third attempt will deem the entry immediately disqualified and another potential winner will be chosen.  There is no consolation or participatory prize associated with this contest.


  1. “Winner” must attend the “Megabucks Millions Party” at Tamarack Casino, scheduled from 11am-5pm on December 10, 2022 to claim their PRIZE. Upon notification of winning, Reno Media Group may schedule a narrower window within the above time frame for “Winner” to collect prize.  At the time of prize redemption “Winner” may opt to play one max bet and cash out, or may opt to cash out at any time prior to completing 100 max coin plays; however, once 100 max coin plays have been achieved, “Winner” must cash out.  An additional method of entry to become a “Winner” is available to persons 21 years of age or older and meeting eligibility requirements outlined in paragraph 10 below, by completing an official entry form on-site at Tamarack Casino during the Megabucks Millions Party.  Three (3) drawings will occur:  one at approximately 1:00pm, 2:00pm and 3:00pm.  “Winners” of these drawings are subject to the same rules for radio winners outlined above.  


  1. Individuals may participate in as many contest rounds as they wish during the contest period scheduled for 10/31/22 to 12/2/22, however; once an individual is selected as a “Winner”, they are eliminated from further participation throughout the contest period. Station reserves the right to amend the contest period duration with notice.


  1. A Participant’s odds of being drawn as a “Winner” is dependent upon the number of Participants and the number of valid entries submitted by each Participant. This is a shared contest among Reno Media Group stations, and winners will be selected from a pool of submissions to the six stations airing the contest.


  1. Winners give Reno Media Group the right to use their picture, name, likeness and voice on the air, on the station’s website, Facebook page, or other social media, and in any promotional materials at the discretion of Reno Media Group.


  1. Immediate relatives, significant others and employees of Americom Broadcasting, Reno Media Group, other Reno radio stations and broadcasting companies, Tamarack Casino, and any third-party vendor or provider of services associated with this contest are ineligible to win.


  1. Reno Media Group is not responsible for any telephone/online malfunctions that may occur.


  1. These rules may be amended at any time.

** Specific Station Websites:





KZTQ: (linked to

KBZZ: (linked to



961 Matley Lane, Suite 120 / Reno, Nevada 89502  (775) 829-1964